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Battery is in the state of charge and discharge, large amount of sunshine in the summer, not only supply the power to the load, but also charge for battery. Less amount of sunshine in the winter, will release the stored energy gradual.

In the daytime, the solar panel will charge for battery and supply the power to load at the same time. In the night, the power all supply from battery. Do you want to know what the power you use? Want to know how much consumption you use? Want to know how many power saving by the solar system.

Blue Jay Power Analyzer can do all these things measure power usage throughout the day and at any time, measure solar output, through day and total day, week, month, tell you each day what you have been charged by retailer and what retailer will credit you each day and totally.

When in the house using, will have an inverter, because the direct output of solar system is 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, in order to supply the 220VAC electric equipment. Need to transmit the DC power to the AC power.

Although there is a simple panel meter to display the output current and voltage. But in fact the customer doesn't know clearly how many power they use. Blue Jay Power Analyzer can measure the exact energy, active power, power factor generated by solar systems. Also can detect the power factor of inverter, and the power consumption of the whole grid. So that you can know the real power generate by system. If the solar system generate exceed energy, you can sold it to the power company. When the electricity is not enough to use, you can buy it from Power Company. Blue Jay Power Analyzer also can faithful record the sold and purchase energy, from the Analyzer software, you can know the billing clearly.

The specially thing of Blue Jay Power Analyzer is when you turn a set of lights ON or OFF, you can see instantly the change this has to your energy use. Once you have this information to hand means you, your family, or business, can visually see the benefits of saving energy.

Some countries will let the grid to collect all customers' power data via meters, then further statistics and analysis the data. This system named Energy Consumption Management Analysis System. It is based on the computer, communications equipment, and control unit as the basic tool, according the actual situation to combine the most optimized network. Our Blue Jay power analyzer can maximum connects 247 units, and can connect to supply network, transmit the data to the servers or PC via internet. It is suit for multi-user areas which generate power by themselves, school or other large public buildings, so that the power companies can management the data convenient, and do the further analysis. This not only saves natural resources, but also saves the human resources.


The power measurement system is an ideal tool for monitoring power consumption especially in large-scale public buildings. Adopting advanced technology, it is more intelligent, automatic, and great reducing man power. With power measurement system installed, your building must be in effective management of both energy and human resources. With power measurement system installed, you can easily get the information how much energy consumption every day. With it, you can get payback of energy saving and man power reducing in a short time.

Power Measurement System

Located at center room, main control system contains an advanced computer and other settings as UPS, printer and alarm. Power measurement software is monitoring and controlling the whole electrical equipments.

In middle of level one and level three, communication system transforms digital information from site equipments measurement level to station management level. It improves the whole system to be more real-time, larger capable. Additionally, this system can share the data information by easily connecting with other systems though Ethernet switches.

Using panel meters and DIN-rail meters, site monitor system is monitoring and measuring electrical parameters of all site equipments. With RS458 communication, this system transmits various electrical parameters and signals to communication level. All these devices work independently.

The power measurement system contains three levels according to function features:
Level one — main control system (station management level )
Level two — communication system (Internet communication level)
Level three — site monitor system ( site equipments measurement level)Level one Level two Level three

Advanced Features

Large-scale public buildings should adopt power measurement system to monitor and control energy consumption for its distinctive features as follows:

1. Using panel meters and din-rail meters, it is easy to install and connect with other devices.
2. With MODBUS or GPRS, it can work harmoniously with other electrical applications.
3. Effective management of both energy and human resources.


Electrical parameter is a great tool of effective energy management for industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and intelligent large-scale public buildings.
Measurements as follows:

Three-phase voltage Power factor
Reactive power
Three-phase voltage
Energy consumption

DRT-301C DIN rail meter is used for monitoring energy parameters in three-phrase guide. Using DIN35mm communication, this meter is easy to use and can measure digital of sharp, peak, flat and valley in multi tariff. The specific features are as follows:

1) Width of 7 modulus (18*7mm)
2) Classic accuracy: 0.5
3) Maximum input current:80A
4) With RS485 communication
5) MODBUS and GPRS can connect with other systems

BJ-194Z network multifunction power meter is an advanced energy monitoring device. Using panel, the meter can easily install inside the electrical cabinet. It can precisely monitor power parameters including current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor etc. Specific features:

1) Panel dimension: 80*80mm
2) Standard input: 220/380V, 5A
3) Classic accuracy: 0.5
4) With MODBUS communication
5) Wide size LCD or LED display

BJ-eos power management system, manufactured by Blue jay Electronic, is widely used in buildings needing power analysis and monitor. It contains main following meters:Electrical meters Din rail meters Panel meters


1. When communication system is fault, alarm begins in working.
2. Multi user system: including several administrators and many gusts to use this system
3. Easy-to-use graphical diagrams of energy consumption are clearly shown by year, month or day.
4. System also provides analysis of real-time curves and historical trend curves to meet user's need.
5. Any diagrams can be printed by EXCEL or WORD format.(optional)

BJ-eos3000 software can precisely monitor and measure digital of energy consumption in whole electrical circuit. With easy-to-use graphical programming, you can customize the measurements you want to take with the hardware.Function


The power measurement system can conveniently monitor power energy consumption in real time. Hence, it can improve the whole electrical applications higher reliability and energy saving. Using various communication terminals to exchange digital information, the system reduces man resources and maintenance cost. Additionally, the system provide you analysis information how much energy consumption every day. With those advantages, you can benefit a lot from the power measurement system.


Welcome to BOS1000
Developed by Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd, BOS1000 software is designed for the BJ194 series Multifunction Power Meter.
BOS1000 software provides real time monitoring and meter configuration, also provide data logging for energy data saving, user can use this data for power quality analysis. This software is intended for users to monitor multiple parameters continuously, and allow users to monitor and maintain the meter in real-time.

Click here to download BOS1000
All rights are reserved to Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd. Any change, translation, reverse engineering, de-compilation, disassembling or other equivalent methods in order to get the source code of this software without written permission from Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd. are forbidden. Please read the license agreement in software package carefully before you install or use it. Go on after you should agree with the agreement. This software is protected by copyright laws in USA and other countries, and international treaty provisions. 
Please make sure your host device support RS485 communication, at least one available COM port for connection!
The BOS1000 can support max 32pcs 194series Multifunction Power Meter connection and work in group, monitor metering and data logging, if you need more function, please contact Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd for further support!
Click Operation > COMM Setting
The dialog box is shown as figure 1.
COMM port: Select a serial port on you host PC
Baud Rate: This should be the same as the meter setting (Default 9600)

Add device
After the above step, you need to select a device to communicate with. To add a new device, do the following:
Click Operation > Add Device
The dialog box is shown as figure 2.
Figure 2 Add Device
Device Type: Model of the device you are going to communicate with.
Device Addr: This should be same as the meter setting.
Device Name: Free to define the device name.

You can read all the measurements after you have correctly finished the steps. To connect, do one of the following:
Click Operation > Connect
The BOS1000 will automatic scan the slave meter in the front active screen, and display the upload metering data as figure 3.
Notes: Scan interval default is 15sec, if the data display incorrect, please wait to the next scan cycle.
Figure 3 Main Screen Display

User can stop the BOS1000 scan the slave meter, and change the setting or close the software. To disconnect, do one of the following:
Click Operation Disconnect

Basic monitoring
1. Add new connection. Refer to the Started section.
2. Add device window. Refer to the Add device section.
3. Connect. Refer to the Connection section.
4. Click the node in tree browser on the left side, you can see measuring values. The content displayed in the device window may be different according to different device types.
5. Click Disconnect menu or to stop whenever you want.

Add/Delete device
1. Add a new device. Refer to the Add new device section.
2. If some windows may not be used any more, click Delete Current Device menu.

Data Logging
1. Data logging settings:
You must set data log before you press Connect menu. To set it, do one of the following:
Click Log Setting > Data Log Settings.
The dialog box is shown as figure 4.
Figure 4 Data Logging
Time Interval: User free to set automatic data logging time interval 1min to 60min.
Save File Name: Show the device auto logging data record file, you can find this in folder named “Record”.
2. Now connect, and pause about 10 second. Then click the Start Data Logging menu to enable this function.
3. Click the Stop Data Logging menu stop this function as required.
4. Manual record the energy data, in the monitor screen, user can click button “Save” to record the cumulative value, such as Energy data and Multi-tariff record value.
5. View and record data:
There is a Excel file called “DeviceX” are stored in the folder named Record. “X” number is follow as the add device order. And make sure to according to following rules before you open any file:
Special Attention:
Never double click any EXCEL files (inc. monitoring data files) on your computer and switch to the meter configuration screen when data logging is active, otherwise it may cause software to become unstable and potentially produce inaccurate results (such as out-of-order and loss of data, etc.).
Meter Configuration
In Configuration screen, press “Read” can see the meter present configuration info, user can free to configuration the meter setting and press “Update” to change the setting:
General setting
Setting for PT, CT ratio, slave meter communication address, Baud rates etc. every 194series Multifunction Power Meter has this setting screen.

Setting for multi-tariff energy record data. Meter allow max 12segment interval for 4 tariffs (Sharp, Peak, Flat, Valley) in the meter screen will show as (TinE, PEAK, FLAt, LOW), Time Format: Hours + minutes, 24-hour clock. Default value is 0000, which means the billing date is at 00:00 on each day.
Notes: Each time segment must be increase at least 1 minute from the last a time segment
Segment 1 is for the multi-tariff starting time!! or the meter will not record the multi-tariff energy data
DO and AO setting
DO mode and value setting please refer to User Manual of your meter; 
I.- Choose “Alarm”, the DO port will automatic act when meter detect electrical parameter achieve the preset condition.
II.- Choose “Remote”, the DO port work in remote control mode, user can free to open or close the DO port for click the button active. 
II.- Choose “Off”, will disable the DO port.

When “Delay” time set zero, mean the DO port work in “Level output mode”, mean the relate port will active as soon as slave received the command, and will keep the loop open or close before next command;
When “Delay” time set to 1~9999, mean the DO port work in “Pulse output mode”, mean the relate port will close last the preset time interval (0.1sec~999.9sec) when received the command, and will automatic open the loop after the interval counter to reset.
AO setting
AO mode and value setting please refer to User Manual of your meter; User can free to set analog output port zero/full scales relate value.
Notes: The parameter value is for the secondary side value; do not relate the CT and PT ratio!!
Notes: If your meter do not option these ports, the setting is invaluable!!