RC-51 usermanual


RC-51 provide USB interface for data communication, automatic export record report . Rear side sticker show serial number and barcode, convenient to be integrate in already scaning record system. Mainly used for repeated temperature monitoring and recording in storage and transportation environment of foodstuff and medicine, such as refrigeration packages, refrigerator cars, containers,etc.



• Size:131*24mm (Length*Diameter)
• Temperature measuring range: -30C~70C
• Temperature accuracy: 0.5C( 20~40C); 1C(others)
• Resolution: 0.1%C
• Probe: Built-in NTC thermistor
• Record dcapacity: 32000 points (MAX)
• Alarm type: single, cumulative
• Alarm setting: no alarm, multiple alarms
• Recording interval: 10 sec~ 24 hour
• Data interface: USB
• Report type: AI format doc
• Power supply: single-use lithium battery 3.6V(replaceable)
• Batter life: at least 12 months in 25C enviorment (15 min record interval)